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The selected artworks were not simply blown up to create murals. Each of the six artworks was photographed in high resolution by Ramon Portelli and Joe P. Borg. Subsequently, these images were subjected to an artistic digitisation process undertaken by Luke Azzopardi Studio, in which the artworks have been transformed specifically for the creation of these murals. Such proficient manipulation of the composition and colours has reinvented each of the chosen artworks, and these murals create a welcoming and tranquil atmosphere needed in a hotel room while at the same time bringing luxury, art and innovation to each room.

The project which has been a year in the making displays a contemporary take on artistic patronage. Having come to fruition at a time where the cultural sector was struggling due to the pandemic, Melior Boutique Hotel sought to support local artists and a local museum in the process of creating its interiors thereby offering exposure and a source of income to the various creatives involved by obtaining from them the rights to utilise images of paintings and artworks and the original wallpaper designs commissioned thereof. The result is a contemporary hotel that reflects part of the local art and art history, since each art work has an art historical importance, and they all have a connection with the Maltese islands.

Allegory of the Triumph of Love

Circle of Peter Paul Rubens

Displayed within the grandeur of the Baroque eighteenth-century Mdina Metropolitan Cathedral Museum, as part of the Dr. John A. Cauchi Legacy, is a remarkable oil on canvas painting. Titled “Allegory of the Triumph of Love,” this exquisite piece captures winged putti gracefully adorning garlands of fruit, alongside a chariot drawn by wild beasts. Though relatively small, the painting’s significance lies in its role as a bozzetto or preparatory study.

Attributed to an unknown artist, the influence of the renowned Flemish Baroque master, Peter Paul Rubens, is evident in its creation. This captivating artwork adds to the splendour of the museum’s setting, once serving as the seminary for the esteemed Diocese of Malta.


Behold a remarkable Maltese mid-seventeenth-Century Cupboard at Mdina Metropolitan Cathedral Museum. This exquisite cupboard, standing on elegant bun feet, showcases veneers of olive wood, beautifully inlaid with orange wood to create an intricate lacework design in a striking polygon motif on its front and sides. Such opulent furniture once adorned the grand palaces of the affluent in Baroque Malta, exuding timeless beauty.

A treasure from the esteemed 2021 Dr. John Bugeja Caruana bequest, this magnificent piece now finds its place in the museum’s Sala Nobile. Marvel at the craftsmanship and historical significance of this remarkable cupboard, as it takes you on a journey through the rich heritage of Maltese art and design.

Looking Up

Anna Galea

Meet Anna Galea B.A., M.A. (Melit.), an Award-Winning artist from Malta and Dubai. Renowned for her exceptional talent in creating exceptionally large still life paintings and abstractions, Anna is a versatile artist who ventures into various media with finesse. Among her impressive creations is the captivating abstract painting titled “Looking Up,” which masterfully captures the sensation of being submerged in the depths of the Mediterranean Sea, gazing upwards towards the surface.

Through skilled execution in the watercolour wet-on-wet technique, Anna skilfully portrays the sublime movement of the water, creating a truly immersive experience for the viewer. Embrace the mesmerizing world of Anna Galea’s art as she delves into the essence of nature and beauty, leaving a lasting impression on the art scene.

Comino Posedonia

Andrew Borg

Discover the talents of Andrew Borg – Celebrated Maltese artist and qualified Electrical Engineer. Andrew’s artistic brilliance shines through various mediums, including oils, charcoal, and watercolour. Renowned for his unconventional and striking compositions of captivating land and seascapes, he has captured the admiration of many.

One of his remarkable creations, “Comino Posedonia,” is an oil on canvas masterpiece that beautifully depicts a vast sea with ever-changing blue hues, capturing the essence of a Maltese summer. Immerse yourself in the spirit of the Mediterranean as Andrew Borg’s art transports you to the serenity and beauty of the Maltese landscape. 

Far away across the blue

Andrew Borg

“Far Away Across the Blue” – An enchanting oil on canvas seascape by Andrew Borg. With his signature high horizon composition, the painting masterfully captures the dynamic movement and ever-changing shades of the Mediterranean Sea. Through his artistic prowess, Andrew skilfully evokes the essence of a scorching Maltese summer day out at sea.

The success of Borg’s works lies in his unique approach of painting en plein air, where he immerses himself in nature, allowing him to intimately connect with the surroundings and infuse his art with authenticity. “Far Away Across the Blue” serves as a testament to his exceptional talent, as he effortlessly translates the allure of the Mediterranean onto canvas.

Ġnien Ingraw

Guido Debono

Meet Guido Debono, a painter from Mellieħa. Inspired by the charm of Malta’s northernmost town, Guido artfully captures its essence in his paintings. One such masterpiece, executed in oil on coarse canvas, reflects the tranquil beauty of the rural countryside surrounding his idyllic hometown.

Titled “Ġnien Ingraw,” the painting exudes a sense of serenity, mirroring the lush valley adorned with a freshwater spring and medieval troglodytic caves, ultimately leading to Mellieħa Bay. Guido’s profound connection to his surroundings breathes life into his art, making it an authentic representation of Mellieħa’s spirit.

Anna Galea

Melior Boutique Hotel showcases a profound commitment to artistry by commissioning fifteen original watercolour paintings from the esteemed watercolourist, Anna Galea. These captivating artworks grace the walls of its four suites, adding a touch of artistic allure to the hotel’s ambiance.

Anna’s watercolours exude fluidity and translucency, with an emphasis on abstract expressions. Some paintings also feature delicate floral motifs, while four of them beautifully capture the essence of the changing seasons. This unique commission highlights the hotel’s dedication to investing in original art and supporting local talent.